Our Mission

Caring for Animals

Looking after everyone in our care is not only ensuring they are always fed and given a place to sleep. For us it means giving them our time, love, affection, security, commitment, compassion, company and is more than a 24/7 day for Charlie's

How it Works

Charlies Old Codgers is a Non Profit Organisation and although we would normally call ourselves a "charity" we would still be desperate for any kind of support in exchange of caring for your beloved pet. This kind of support can come in a different form, such as giving us a feedback on one of our social media platforms, spreading a message, a useful contact, your time and of course financial support.

Growing Our Support Circle


If you adore animals and would love to give some of your time, whilst helping making a huge change to their wellbeing and getting a rewarding feeling, please get in touch.

We also regularly hold fundraising events, such as Bag Packing in local supermarkets and always appreciate extra help. If you feel this is something you would be interested in, then please contact us, and we will let you know of any upcoming opportunities.

Coffee Club Fundraising

Coffee Club has been set up to ask people to donate £2.00 a month - the cost of take away tea/ coffee. With this small, but regular donation we will be able to buy extra necessities  for the animals in our care.


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